August 8 2017 Partial lunar eclipse

NBN Weathershots Image

given how blustery and strong the wind was i was lucky to get anything. 4:20am was the max coverage for us in Newcastle. i had to use my car as a wind block to reduce the severity of the wind. Originally was going to shoot from my observatory but my battery failed and couldn't control the rotation so i hit the road and travelled to the grave site just off Callan avenue. Nothing like a little unpreparedness.

the camera was on the tripod but it was being knocked about by the wind, thank goodness for image stabilisation!!

its not great but hey it was clear and better than nothing

canon 80D with tamron 600mm lens

so roughly in two weeks those lucky Americans and all who travelled there will get the real deal with total Solar eclipse - so so jealous ;)

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David Hough