Hi Weathershots Photographers!

Exciting news is afoot as we upgrading the NBN Weathershots site. Yay!

It will have a new look and finally, it will be mobile friendly so you can enjoy all the fantastic photos on your favourite device.

With all the good news comes some sad. Because it's a brand new platform your login will now longer work and you will have to create a new login to continue to upload photos. We're truly sorry about this and we know its an inconvenience.

Your old photos will still be safe and we will still continue to run the legacy site although our main focus will be the new platform.

We hope you understand our predicament but sill continue to keep uploading your amazing photos.

NBN Weathershots team

Latest Photos


Sunrise at Arcadia Vale

Clouds Sitting on the water

Rainbow over Big Brother

Sunbeam over Big Brother

Golden sunset

Bushfire Sunset 3

Bushfire Sunset 1

Bushfire Sunset 2

Photographed by Carol

Fire in the sky

Mammatus cloud

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